Guy Kawasaki, Garage Ventures

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Jason Kilar, CEO of NBC and News Corp's joint venture Hulu

Albert Cheng, exec VP of Disney-ABC TV digital media group

Patrick McGovern, IDG

Marcus Brauchli, Washington Post

Cathy Black, Hearst Magazines

Kenneth A. Bronfin, President, Hearst Interactive Media

Frank A. Bennack, Jr., CEO of Hearst Corporation

Al Neuharth, Founder of USA Today, x-Chairman of Gannett

Arthur Sulzberger, Jr., Publisher of the New York Times Group

William Dean Singleton, Chairman Media News

Jason McCabe Calacanis, Weblogs

Larry Magid, CBS news

Peter Rojas, Engadget Founder

Steve Wildstrom, Business Week

Colin Crawford, IDG

Steve Weitzner, ZD Enterprise

Rafe Needleman, Cnet

Jeremiah Owyang, Forrester Research

Kara Swisher, WSJ All Things Digital

Adam Ostrow, Mashable

Robert Scoble, Blogger Extraordinaire

Henry Blodget, Alley Insider

Om Malik, GigaOM

Michael Miller, PC Magazine

Darren Rowse, Pro Blogger

John Battelle, Federated Media

Harry McCracken, PC World

Richard MacManus, ReadWriteWeb

John Markoff, New York Times Editor

Larry Dignan, Cnet Editor in Chief

Dave Bunnell, Honorary Publisher

Seetha Kumar, BBC Online Controller

Barack Obama, President of the United States

Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple

Marissa Mayer of Google

Arianna Huffington, CEO of Gawker Media

Kenneth Lerer and Arianna Huffington co-founded Gawker.

Carol Bartz, new CEO of Yahoo

Dan Farber, Editor of CNet

Mike Arrington, Founder of Techcrunch

Shantanu Narayen, CEO of Adobe

Jim Walton, President of CNN Online



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Craig Newmark, Founder of Craigslist



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Matt Mullenweg, Wordpress Founder



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Jeff Bezos, Chairman of Amazon

Rupert Murdoch, Fox Network, Myspace

Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, Youtube Founders

Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook

Sue Decker, x-Yahoo President

Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google

Bob Iger, CEO of Disney

Sergey Brin and Larry Page, Google Founders

Bill Gates, x-Chairman of Microsoft, largest philanthropist

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The primary purpose of this website is a social experiment - more questions than answers. Here's a quick list:
  • We're testing the photokit platform - a cloud-based system with no dedicated servers and databases - true mash-up using JSON AJAX. With dependency on dozens of servers for every page, is it robust? Will it stand the stress of heavy traffic?
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  • We abide by normal use rules of photos on the web, using mostly thumbnails and maintaining attribution links to the source.
  • We did quickerfy - reducing deployment from months to one week.
  • We're comparing the performance of search engines - how quickly robots respond and how relevant their answers. Anyone can search using their name or any term. Already we've noted significant differences among the search results - rarely presenting the same answer on any query.
  • Every page is dynamic, reflecting the current state of the web. We rarely use static photos. 
  • We've also defeated the client-side cache, but not the photo cache, for faster results. Click the buttons to refresh the photos.
  • We don't control the selection of photos. Robots control the results. Please complain to the search engines for wrong photos. Thanks for understanding.
  • We're asking the community to join us, outside of the comfort of Facebook. Will Google's FriendConnect work? Do we need to install Facebook Connect?
  • We're creating a friendly competition to identify the top 1000 media personalities. Will the community help? Will the long-tail lost in the global crowd add our badge and compete to join the elite?
  • We purposefully targeted a larger number, 1000. The web is global and there is more room for deserving personalities than just the small elite of the top 20. 
  • If needed, we can expand to 10k and segment into sections. 
  • The rules for placement are vague. We can be bribed ;-) Currently, the names are the obvious top 20 plus friends, particularly boomer-aged publishers. Others will be recommended by trusted community members. 
  • If needed, we can automate with some robotic method to fairly judge the results - although we don't really wish to rank people. It's a friendly competition.
  • We don't expect advertising to generate significant revenues. We're wondering if there is advertising value.
  • We're open to suggestions. Have any?



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